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Dyslexia Assessor Helen Nelson

 Hello and welcome to Dyslexia Support Lancashire 

During my time working in schools, I noticed an increasing number of children who struggled with reading and writing and the general day to day demands of the national curriculum. Children whose needs went unnoticed, unsupported and undiagnosed. I therefore decided to start on my journey to support these children, their parents and the educational settings they attend. Undertaking a Masters in Specific Learning Difficulties has enabled me to provide specialist teaching and assessment for children, students and adults who may have or do have Dyslexia and/or Dyscalculia.

Today, I am working more and more with children in primary and secondary schools who still cannot read fluently, they struggle to write, spell, and consequently, this can have a significant impact on their self-esteem and well being.

I strongly believe that early intervention is vital to ensure that individuals are provided with the tools to succeed on their journey. It’s not about providing a ‘label’ but providing them with an understanding of what their difficulties are, what their strengths are, but more importantly providing their settings with advice on how to support them on a day to day basis.

It’s important that there is support for parents too, and I often spend time discussing how you can support your children at home and what provisions you should be expecting from your child’s school in order to help your child succeed.

As an Associate Member of the British Dyslexia Association (AMBDA) you will find me listed as a tutor and assessor on their web page. Additionally, I also hold an Assessment Practicing Certificate which means you can be sure that my practice is up to date due to the requirements of continuing professional development and I am therefore listed on the SpLD Assessment Standards Committee (SASC) website.If there is information you can't find then get in touch below with the consultation form or email me -

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Different Students Require Different

Approaches to Learning

There are a number of learning conditions associated with children struggling to meet the expected levels in education. The education system is designed in a way that teachers can monitor development and recognise when children need further support. However, many children are very effective at masking their difficulties or can slip 'under the radar' by just getting by or relying on others to help them.  Often, as parents/carers, we know when something isn't quite right and we want to try and discover what we can do to help them. The process schools take is called the 'graduated response', a sequence of events involving assessment, planning, doing and reviewing a child's development. Having a dyslexia assessment as a child or student will help provide information for the setting to help follow this process. The advice may include additional activities which a particular learner may require, or it may involve targeted learning activities involving an alternative teaching approach. Schools and parents can reach out to services such as Dyslexia Support Lancashire that offers value for money with an appropriately trained and passionate individual.

Customised Learning 

Every individual is different and a dyslexia and/or dyscalculia assessment or screening enables me to produce an individualised learning plan that is customised to the young person. It takes into account their strengths and weaknesses. When I deliver specialist lessons in school, I produce a customised learning plan for the child that all of the staff can view and follow.

Follow up calls and guidance

Once you've had a dyslexia and/or dyscalculia screener or assessment completed, that isn't the end of the story. You are then offered a follow up call or facetime to talk through any questions you may have or for the assessor to talk through the report with you. The report is written in a way that the non specialist can access and understand, but here at Dyslexia Support Lancashire I appreciate that it can still be daunting and overwhelming. 

In The News

Disability Student Allowance

Make sure if your child is going off to University that the Dyslexia diagnosis paperwork they have is applicable for DSA applications. Unfortunately , some produced a while ago may not be eligible for use. Some Universities can arrange it for you when you arrive, others like you to do it privately before you get there. Make sure you drop your Universities student support services a call so everything is in place as soon as it can be.

Facebook - Dyslexia Support Lancashire

Lots of videos, hints and tips for you to watch and read. Also, get in touch with other parents who can help and support. Click on the facebook link to take you there.


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RNIB Bookshare

The RNIB Bookshare is an awesome resource for students struggling to read textbooks for whatever reason.  Schools can apply, for free, to join the service and electronic versions of curriculum-based textbooks can be downloaded and read out using a PC.  



Dyslexia Unwrapped

Check out this wonderful resource from Dyslexia Scotland which is specifically for young people.
Even if you are not in Scotland I am sure that this website will be useful to you.

The British Dyslexia Association

The British Dyslexia Association (BDA) has been the voice of dyslexic people since 1972. They are a membership organisation working to achieve a dyslexia-friendly society for all.

They also offer lots of free advice and you will find me listed there as a tutor and assessor of all ages.



My family have used dyslexiasupport lancashire for a couple of years now and can’t fault their service, care or compassion 5 star ⭐️ all the way



— S Stafford - Parent


My son has had support from Helen over the last few years. She has gone above and beyond in helping him get a diagnosis. This has led to us getting the right strategies in place to help him much sooner in his life than would have ever happened without her intervention. She is full of enthusiasm for her specialist area and has given us, as a whole family, much support. I cannot recommend her highly enough



- S Keskin - Parent


    Going back to university as an adult hasn't been easy as I have dyslexia. Helen has supported me throughout with study skills sessions on a weekly basis. These sessions have improved my essays results from being in the 50's to high 60's after just a few sessions. I am now looking forward to writing essays in the next two years.

— Student - UCLAN 


See more testimonials on my Facebook page


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